Locksmith Hamilton Ontario - Automotive Services

We open vehicle doors and trunks.


Burlington Locksmith Services - Commercial and Industrial Services

We install and repair a wide variety of mechanical and electronic locks.


Burlington Locksmith Services - Residential

We re-key deadbolts.



Burlington Locksmith Services - SafesWe do safe cracking and combination changes.


Burlington Locksmith Services

Alpha Locksmith of Burlington is a locksmith company in Burlington, Ontario. Since 2012 Alpha Locksmith, a Canadian owned and operated company, has been providing affordable, professional, mobile lock, safe, and door services in Burlington, Oakville and Milton Ontario.

Alpha Locksmith offers a number of services and products to help you manage your access and security needs. Whether you are a home owner in need of a deadbolt installation, a business operator who needs his/her locks rekeyed, a driver locked out of his/her car, or a safe owner in need of a combination change, we are here to help. We take pride in our work and offer a no-hassle, three-month guarantee on all parts and labor. So stay calm, and hire Alpha Locksmith; your trusted lock and safe professional!

Burlington Locksmith Services - Automotive

We offer a number of automotive services, including:

-emergency door openings
-emergency trunk openings
-broken key extractions
-stuck key extractions
-rekey auto lock cylinders

In addition to the above, we also offer free emergency door openings for pets and infants. So if your furry friend or honey bunny should ever be locked in your car, truck, or van you can count on us to get them out safely and quickly at no charge.

Burlington Locksmith Services - Commercial & Industrial

We offer a number of commercial and industrial services, including:

-master keying
-electronic door operator installations and repairs
-bathroom emergency call button installations
-keyless and high security locks
-pushbar/crashbar installations and repairs
-lock installations for cupboards, drawers, filing cabinets, and display cases
-lock installations for vending machines
-lock installations for coin-operated washers and dryers
-metal door repairs and installations
-turnstile installations and repairs
-card access installations

In addition to the above, we also offer emergency door openings. So if you should be locked out of your office, store, or locker, we can get you back inside in a timely manner.

Burlington Locksmith Services - Residential

We offer a number of residential services, including:

-emergency door openings
-emergency garage door openings
-deadbolt, entrance set, and mailbox lock installations and repairs
-key cutting - sorry, we do NOT cut keys for walk-in customers
-lock installations for filing cabinets
-lock installations for desk drawers
-lock installations for china cabinets
-wooden door repairs and installations

In addition to the above, we also repair locks, knobs, and levers. So if your deadbolt is "sticking" or your entrance set is not working properly, call us and we'll take care of it.

Burlington Locksmith Services - Safes

We offer a number of safe services, including:

-combination changes
-electronic lock installations
-mechanical lock installations
-boltwork repairs
-safe servicing
-lost combination retrieval
-on/in floor and on/in wall safe installations

In addition to the above, we also offer emergency safe opening services. So if your safe lock should fail or you should forget your combination, give us a call and we'll get your safe open for you.


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