Bluetooth Deadbolt - Burlington Locksmith

I get a lot of questions regarding the Kwikset/Weiser Kevo Electro-mechanical Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt. So in this entry I will review it in the light of my six standards of quality (outlined in my first entry).

With respect to affordability this lock receives 2/5. It costs between $249.99 and $259.99 at a brick-and-mortar store. It only comes with two eKeys – additional eKeys are $1.99. It also takes four AA batteries to operate, and you can expect to go through at least four per year. An 8-pack of Duracell alkaline AA batteries currently sells for $8.69 at Canadian Tire.

With respect to strength this lock receives 3/5. It comes with an adaptor ring, mounting plate, and longer wood strews and thicker mounting bolts than are supplied with most deadbolts, so it would be difficult to wrench or hammer it off a door. It does not however come with either drill-resistant pins or plates, so it would be easy to defeat with a good drill and a strong metal bit. Further, the cylinder itself is made from inferior materials, and would therefore be easy to forcibly rotate.

With respect to aesthetics this lock receives a 5/5. It comes with three finishes: bright brass, satin nickel, and venetian bronze. When activated the light ring displays amber, green, blue, or red light, depending on whether it is locked, unlocked, “thinking”, or denies entry. Like the LSDA grade 3 deadbolt discussed in my first entry, this lock has an unassuming design and therefore would look good on almost any door.

With respect to installability this lock receives 3/5. This is an electro-mechanical lock, so installing it is a little more involved. It fits into a standard deadbolt hole and comes with an adjustable, tapered bolt. Before it can be brought into service however, the appropriate App needs to be downloaded, the first eKey created, and the lock named and calibrated (i.e. front-to-back decision making), among other things. Currently this lock is only compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

With respect to recombinability this lock receives a 5/5. It comes with a SmartKey cylinder, so rekeying this lock is quick and easy. It does not however come with a second set of keys with which to rekey it. For those, you will either have to buy a second Kwikset product or visit your local locksmith shop.

With respect to pick and bump resistance this lock receives a 4/5. All SmartKey cylinders come with pick resistant and bump proof technology built in.