This page is a repository of what are, in my estimation at least, useful how-to-videos for the amateur locksmith and handyman. These videos will teach you how to install, adjust, and repair a wide variety of locksets; list the tools needed, and offer tips on how best to save time.

The first video illustrates how to install Weiser’s Kevo deadbolt. This is a bluetooth smart lock that can be operated by either a compatible cell phone or pre-enrolled Kevo fob. The Kevo Mobile App allows you to send an eKey to a family member, friend, or guest with a compatible cell phone. This app also allows you to disable and delete eKeys, and see your lock’s activity history. The lock itself comes with a pick and bump resistant cylinder.

The second video explains how to change the combination on a 7100 Series Kaba-Simplex mechanical pushbutton lock. The process for changing the combination on this lock is quite straight forward. Remember though to try your new combination at least three (3) times before closing the door, or have someone stand on the other side of the door when you try it for the first time.

The third video shows you how to stop your door from jiggling. I have included this video here because the same trick can be used to stop a deadbolt from “sticking”. Adjusting the tongue on the latch strike (as shown) draws the door closer to the stop, this helps centre the bolt over the strike pocket. If done correctly, this quick fix will stop the bolt from rubbing against the exterior side of the strike plate. If your bolt hits the interior side of the strike plate every time you turn your key or thumbturn, then you will need to either file the interior side of the bolt strike plate or reinstall your latch strike plate so that it sits further from the door stop.

The fourth video shows me doing an operational check of the component parts of a single occupant, barrier-free washroom with the following Camden products: two “Push To Open” pushplates, an illuminated “Occupied When Lit” sign, an illuminated “Assistance Requested” annunciator with sounder, a single gang dome light with sounder, a “Push To Lock” mushroom pushbutton, an “Emergency Assistance” mushroom pushbutton, and a CX-33 advanced logic control. This washroom kit also includes an RCI 5-series electric strike and a Hunter HA-8 operator.

The fifth video shows one how to use the override key to lock and unlock a Schlage keypad deadbolt (BE365) manually. Begin by aligning the top of the thumbturn and keyway with the 12 o’clock position. Insert the key. Turn the key to the 3 or 9 o’clock positions and recess the cylinder by pushing on the key. Rotate the thumbturn away from the hinges to lock your door, and toward them to unlock it. To remove the key, return it to the 12 o’clock position and pull.

Stay tuned for more of my favourite how-to-videos.


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