Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Lock - Lock Review by Alphalocksmith

In this review I will discuss my favourite mechanical pushbutton lock: Kaba-Simplex 7102/8. As in my other lock reviews, I will discuss this lock in the light of my six standards of quality as outlined in my first entry.

With respect to affordability this lock receives 4/5. This lock is very affordably priced. It comes in a number of finishes, including bright brass and satin chrome; the two most popular finishes among my customers. The former costs $232.76 and the latter costs $213.85. And because it is fully mechanical and pushbutton operated, this lock eliminates the labor and cost associated with installing batteries; not to mention the aggravation of issuing, controlling, and collecting keys, cards, and fobs.

With respect to strength this lock receives 5/5. This rugged, all metal lock is vandal and weather resistant. It is constructed from solid metal and is secured to the door using four machine screws. The tubular deadbolt version of this lock (7102/8) comes with a high security strike that is secured to the jam using two 3″ wood screws. The deadlocking latch version of this lock (7104) comes with a regular curved lip strike plate that is secured with just two 1″ screws, and is therefore tends to be less burglar resistant. This lock also comes as a rim deadlocking latch (7106). The latch versions of this lock offer automatic relocking, the deadbolt version on the other hand, offers manual relocating. The 7106 model is the only model to have the latch holdback feature. All four models come with a force-resistant clutch that is protected from the exterior thumbturn when the wrong combination or no combination is used.

With respect to aesthetics this lock receives 5/5. This slim, sleek lock comes in a wide variety of finishes, including: bright brass, satin chrome, antique copper, gold vein, antique white, silver vein, black, and antique brass. Hence, this lock will complement just about any knob or lever set.

With respect to installability this lock receives 2.5/5. Despite this locks many pros, it is not easy to install and cannot be installed without a variety of hand tools, a variable speed electric drill, drill bits, and hole saws. To install this lock four 1/4″ holes must be drilled into the door for the fasteners, one 3/4″ hole must be drilled for the combination change assembly, one 1-5/8″ hole must be drilled for the thumbturn assembly, and two 1″ holes must be drilled to accommodate the bolt – one in the side of the door and one in the jam. Finally, one pocket must be chiselled out of the side of the door to accommodate the bolt’s faceplate, and one pocket must be chiselled out of the jam to accommodate the strike. For complete installation instructions, go here and click on “Documents”.

With respect to recombinability this lock receives 5/5. This lock comes from the factory with a single access code that is quick and easy to change. The lock does not need to be removed from the door to change the access code; all that is required is a #2 Philips screw driver. For instructions on how to change the combination, go here and click on “Documents”.

With respect to pick and bump resistance this lock receives 5/5. This lock is not fitted with a lock cylinder and is therefore pick and bump proof. The deadlocking latch version of this lock however – only if not properly installed – is vulnerable to slipping.