Automotive Services


Automotive Services

Is your key sticking?

 Are you locked out of your car, van, or truck?

Is your pet or child locked in your vehicle?


If so, we can help! For fast, friendly service call us day or night. We will respond promptly to your call to help you with:

  • emergency door openings
  • trunk openings
  • glovebox openings
  • broken key blade extractions
  • stuck key extractions
  • non-chip key coping
  • free door openings for pets and infants

At Alpha Locksmith we continually strive to improve our customer service, technical expertise, and practical understanding. This is reflected in everything that we do, and is recognized by many of our customers, including by the one who left the following review on our Yellow Pages page:

“After two failed attempt[s] [at] finding a locksmith that is able to create a new key from only key that broke in half which goes to my classic car trunk. Bryce was able to create [a] new key with no problem and [was] able to open the trunk like a true locksmith magician. I would recommend Alpha Locksmith anytime and you’ll get the best friendly service. Guaranteed.”

Our commitment to professionalism and customer care was also recognized by the customer who left the following review on our Facebook page:

“Kudos to Bryce Ferrie of Alpha Locksmiths in Hamilton/Burlington for helping us out last Sunday evening. After waiting almost two hours in a deserted parking lot for another no-show (after phoning twice) we called Bryce at 9:30 and he was there within 20 minutes. Keys were locked in the trunk, so CAA could only open the car doors for us. (Trunk lever doesn’t work!) Bryce worked almost a full hour jiggling locks and finally got in with a long metal rod through the back seat to release the emergency lever. He was never ready to give up, even though we were. Thanks for sticking with it Bryce and getting a Mom and her four year old home safely. If you ever need a locksmith, he’s the man to call.”